Worlds of Clay

March 6, 2014

Artists have always been fascinated by all the earth has to offer; from its flowing rivers and mountainous terrain, to its creatures, its habits, its seasons and its personality. One of those offerings that has been a source of creation for artists and sculptors through civilisations is clay. In Worlds of Clay, one of the world’s choicest elements is utilised for some fascinating symbolism.

The Heseltine’s upcoming exhibition sees Ceramic work from Anthony Fagin , Chris Pridl and Wendy Wilbraham fill the gallery’s vast space with clay pieces. As a material that feels most at home in an environment that celebrates the planet, each artist is inspired by human cultural influences, landscapes, music and poetry, creating a world within the gallery that visitors can explore.

A little tale about Floods and the Recovery of the Lost Worlds is available to view on YouTube.

There will also be an Artists’ Supper in the Gallery on Friday 21 March at 7pm, with harpist Abi Piercy and guest speakers, Hannah Peschar, from the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, and poet, Penelope Shuttle.

Tickets £15, to include an appetitive and buffet supper, from Karen Aitken 01872 246068

Exhibition Dates

Saturday 8 – Saturday 29 March
Private View – Friday 7 March 6.00pm – 8.00pm

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