The Collection

The Truro School Art Collection is a true asset to the institution and it continues to be a brilliant educational resource for students at the School, as well as a source of intrigue and inspiration for artists and art enthusiasts across the Cornish and wider community. David Heseltine, former Head of Art, had the insight to begin the Collection in the 1980s with the aim of building a resource for all students to learn from ‘real art’.

The Collection includes work from the early 1950s from the likes of Julius Olsson and Robert Borlase Smart, two of the first significant artists to move to the Cornish Coast to record the light.

There are nearly 300 pieces in the Collection, many of which have been gifted to or purchased by the School. We are delighted to own work by artists who have been hugely influential in the international art world such as Jeremy Le Grice and Peter Lanyon, former tutors of the St Ives School of Art.

The Collection also includes collaborations by the late Hugh Stoneman and Sir Terry Frost, as well as a series of screenprints by Bryan Pearce, drawings by Bernard Leach, Oil and Pastel landscapes by Margo Maeckelberghe, sketchbooks by John Virtue and mixed media drawings by Wilhelmina Barns-Graham to mention but a few.

The Heseltine Guild is committed to preserving, promoting and building this impressive Collection and looks to revisit works with each new exhibition, inviting artists to study and select pieces that complement or link to their own practice or show.