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Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

The Heseltine Gallery will be open for public viewings at the times listed below.

If you have any queries regarding the Heseltine Gallery please email: heseltinegallery@truroschool.com

Showcasing works from across the Senior School, including A-Level and GCSE pieces, the exhibition is open for viewing on Wednesday 29 June 4pm – 5.30pm.

Bookings are not required.

The exhibition will remain open for viewings on:

Thursday 30 June ~ 4pm – 5pm
Friday 1 July ~ 4pm – 5pm
Monday 4 July ~ 4pm – 5pm
Tuesday 5 July ~ 4pm – 5pm
Wednesday 6 July ~ 9am – 10.30am



Previous Exhibitions



  • Friday 29 April, 4pm – 7pm

Public Viewing

  • Saturday 30 April & Sunday 1 May: 10am – 4pm
  • Saturday 7 May & Sunday 8 May: 10am – 4pm
  • Saturday 14 May & Sunday 15 May: 10am – 4pm

In 2018 a small group of former heads of Art decided to come together with a collaborative purpose to exhibit and work together. From this idea The5 which has 4 members decided to invite on occasion a 5th person to exhibit with us to enable fellow creatives to have the opportunity to show work that they may not have access to, hence. The 5…the power of numbers! We have had several Fine Artists, a Poet, Silversmith, and illustrator to date joining us at our exhibitions.




We are so delighted to reopen the Heseltine Gallery doors this weekend with this wonderful collaboration of artwork by an amalgamation of Cornish artists, students and parents.

We invite you to visit ‘Breathe’ and view the inspiring creative works responding to the lifting of ‘Covid’ restrictions. Saturdays and Sundays at the Heseltine Gallery, 9th October- 14th November.


DEPICTION – the human form

The Heseltine Gallery’s current exhibition, Depiction – the human form, previewed on Friday evening. The group exhibition represents the human form and features works from the Truro School Collection alongside selected artists, Claire Armitage, Yolande Armstrong, Kathleen Cottell, Una d’Aragona, Julia Giles, Paul Hoare, Sarah Keyworth, Jason Lilley, Andrew Litten, Clive Matthews, Colin Mier, Mike Newton, Amy Oliver, Kathy Spedding, Volker Stox, Rebecca Turk-Richards, Anne Wallace, Pat Wilson, Mike Brett, Lizzie Stevens, Georgina Phipps, Winnie Lyn, Rosina Goss and Nicola Marsden. Artists from the Truro School Collection include Mary Mabbutt, Naomi Frears, Peter Lanyon, Andrew Lanyon, Sheila Oliner, Julian Opie, Rose Hilton, Eileen Cooper, Ray Exworth, Partou Zia and Karl Weschke.

Depiction is open for viewings on Saturdays and Sundays 10am-3pm and Wednesdays 5pm-8pm. Free entry.

With special thanks to: The Heseltine Guild Members, Yolande Armstrong, Una d’Aragona, Mike Newton


Hosting the Callaghan Art Collection

22nd January – 5th February 2020

An exhibition in memory of former pupil Jayne Callaghan is on display in the Heseltine Gallery.

Jayne was born in 1968 and sadly passed away in 2018. She left Truro School in 1986.

Jayne’s twin brother, Mark Callaghan, commented: ‘It is such a pleasure to be able to share Jayne’s art collection publicly for the first time, and to have been given the opportunity to hold Jayne’s memorial exhibition at the Heseltine Gallery at Truro School. Jayne loved her time at the School with so many happy memories’.

It was during her time at Truro School that Jayne developed her awareness and interest in art. David Heseltine, who introduced Jayne to artists such as Patrick Heron and Sir Terry Frost, among others, primarily nurtured this interest.

Mark added: ‘The works Jayne collected in later life represent the artists who connected Jayne’s love of Cornwall with her love of impactful forward thinking art. All the artists included have a strong connection to the Cornish coast and the sea, which Jayne loved so much. Sir Terry Frost was renowned for his use of the Cornish light, colour and form, capturing the brightness and atmosphere of some of Jayne’s favourite places. He was a favourite of Jayne’s and most strongly represented in her collection. Frosts works are filled with both colour and light; his unique visual language portrayed what he described as “a state of delight in front of nature”’.

Recognised as one of the leading painters of his generation, Patrick Heron was another favourite of Jayne’s. His works explored every day themes such as the landscape around his home in Zennor, the sky and the Cornish coast. Through the exploration and use of colour and light, Heron’s non-figurative painting resonated with Jayne and a shared appreciation of seeing Cornwall through the principles of colour and form. ‘Sharp Purple and Orange in Emerald’, painted in 1966 was a favourite of Jayne’s for this reason.


If I Were A Blackbird I’d Whistle And Sing

Bernard Irwin

18 October – 27 November 2019

Bold colour, striking abstraction and a commanding presence typify the paintings of Bernard Irwin. They invite us into an abstract world convincingly evoked through colour and line. Much of their power lies in the finely balanced relationship between the spaces of the often very brightly lit flat colours, which lend an artificial feel to foregrounded shapes, and the endless spaces they occupy – fluid, airy spaces created with multiple washed layers of paint.

These unexpected images surprise and delight, they are lyrical, quirky, sometimes humorous, with influences that range across the poetry of Rilke and William Carlos Williams, music [especially piano], gardens and Greek myth.


The Summer Student Show

The spectacular Summer Student Show will be available for viewings on Wednesdays 5 – 8pm and Saturdays 10am -3pm throughout the summer holidays and showcases student work from all year groups (Pre-Prep to Sixth Form).



Ashley Hanson

Journeys through the real and the imagination…

22 March – 22 May 2019

The Spring exhibition at The Heseltine Gallery, Truro, showcases the glorious colour of one of Cornwall’s leading painters, Ashley Hanson. His sensuous, enigmatic, canvases, painterly responses to place and the novel, blur the borders between fact and fiction, abstraction and figuration. A selection of paintings from his Cornish, ‘City of Glass’ and ’20 Books=20 Paintings’ series, will hang alongside works from many of the artists who inspired him – Peter Lanyon, Patrick Heron, Terry Frost – from the Truro School Collection.

A former architecture student who switched to Fine Art after being enraptured by a Peter Lanyon exhibition in 1978, Ashley Hanson is a prizewinning artist with an extensive national exhibition record including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, National Open Art, and The Discerning Eye. Recent exhibitions include Wells Art Contemporary and ‘Discovery: Contemporary Art Perspectives from England’ in New York.

The Heseltine Gallery is open for public viewings on Saturday 10:00 – 15:00 and Wednesday 17:00 – 20:00



4 – 15th March 2019
The Whale Song Scroll

Nine bands and solo artists from record labels Bella UnionTransgressive, and Lost Map Records, amongst others, passed an imaginary musical baton, each set of artists creating a track that only responded to the track that had gone before.

The initial band Landshapes brought the project to conclusion when they also made the tenth and final response.

The Whale Song Scroll used the abstraction of dance and physical movement to translate the sounds into gesture, then gesture into a purely visual medium.

Over a year in planning and making, the scroll is an artefact 10m in length, and uses traditional materials such as ink, gesso, and gold leaf to capture the essential dynamism of each track.

4 – 15th March 2019
The Heseltine Gallery is open for public viewings on Saturday 10:00 – 15:00 and Wednesday 17:00 – 20:00