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Repurpose Launches

14 Oct

‘To use something for a different purpose to the one for which it was originally intended’  

The fantastically diverse autumn exhibition, ‘Repurpose’, previewed at the Heseltine Gallery, Truro School, on Thursday 13 October. Designed and curated by our A-Level art students, ‘Repurpose’ was born from the students’ desire to promote awareness about the importance of reuse, recycle, repurpose.

Bringing new life to discarded objects is a mark of their generation and the students believe this is one way to have a positive impact on the ‘throw away’ culture of our current society.

Artists’ submissions for ‘Repurpose’ were received from all over the UK.

We are proud to showcase work from the Newlyn Society of Artists, Sophie Capron and Jackie Hollings, as well as a number of other locally and internationally acclaimed artists. The show also features submissions from our local arts community, and work from the Truro School Collection.

The students were delighted that Sophie Capron accepted the invitation to work with them on Repurpose as her work perfectly reflects the theme of this exhibition. Jackie Hollingsbee was also invited to show in this exhibition after a visit during Open Studios last Spring.

The exhibition is now open to the public and you are cordially invited to visit. The Gallery is open at the weekends, 10am -4pm.